The reason why women suffer with indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy

Why do you get acidity in pregnancy and why do women suffer with it? Well, like most things in pregnancy the reason these things happen is because of a change in hormones and in the case of indigestion it is also to do with the woman’s womb pushing against her stomach. Indigestion is a common thing in pregnant women and as many as 8 out of 10 will suffer with it. If you have never had indigestion until you become pregnant you may not know that you have indigestion, all you will experience is a very uncomfortable feeling. So here are some of the symptoms so you can see if that is what you have. Symptoms include burping, felling nauseous (or sick) and feeling ill. You will generally get these feelings once you have eaten but some women get it even when they haven’t. Something else that women can suffer from is heartburn. This is a pain that you will feel in your chest, this is stomach acid which goes into your throat. There are ways that you can relieve the acidity in pregnancy by making changes to your diet and if this does not work then there are things you can take which will help.

Most women who experience indigestion and heartburn whilst being pregnant generally find that they suffer with acidity in pregnancy from around 27 weeks onwards. Like every woman each is affected by certain things at different point in their pregnancy. The reason that pregnant women get heartburn and indigestion is because the acid which comes from your stomach makes contact with the lining that you have in the area that digests your food. The acid causes the lining to break down and this causes irritation and that is what indigestion is. There are things that you can take for this problem that will be safe for you to take whilst being pregnant. You can take antacids which neutralise the acid which is in the stomach and some of these antacids also have an alginate which helps with the acid reflux, this creates a barrier so the contents that is in your stomach remains there. But make sure that you are careful with what you take, the best thing to do is advise whoever you are getting the treatments from that you are pregnant and they can advise you correctly on what treatments are safe for you to take while you are pregnant.

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